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    WALK WITH A DOC - Weekly Winter Park Thursday EVENING Walk
    9-3-15 6:00 pm - BrassTap
    Healthy Central Florida Walking Groups

    Join us for a Walk with a Doc from Florida Hospital—it’s a great way to get healthy, get the scoop on health information, and meet new friends. Boost your physical health and emotional well-being by walking with our group. Spend time with...

    Cardio-Tennis Class - OTC - Thursday, 6:00PM - $10
    9-3-15 6:00 pm - BrassTap
    Central Florida Tennis Club

    Enjoy a dynamic tennis workout that's all about hitting balls, burning calories and improving your game.  Open to all playing abilities. Set to music, the class includes a 10 minute warm-up with light hitting, 10 minutes of drills, 30 minutes of...

    Burndown with Beverage
    9-3-15 6:00 pm - BrassTap
    Agile Orlando

    Come join us at BrassTap. Bring a friend, sip a beverage and chat about agile. No real agenda - just telling stories, sharing tips, asking questions, etc. Hope you can join us.

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